Spotting the Fakes: A Guide to Identifying Copy Watches in the UAE


Now, the UAE is one of the most colourful countries where luxury is valued and after knowing the real deal, it can become really problematic to buy a genuine masterpiece or to sell a replica. As the copies of these watches flooded the market it is only wise to make sure that anyone out there in the market will be seeing the distinguishing features of the genuine watches from the fake ones. In this article, we bring you some insights to help you avoid the pitfalls of fake watches and give you the right direction to find the authentic ones in UAE.

1. Brand Authenticity

The first important element that helps one to notice that he or she is facing a fake watch is the check of the brand. Affiliated with identifying the significance of logos and brand markings that most copy watches in uae manufactures have and the distinguishing features of well-known watch producers. This means that one should try to pay a lot of attention to things such as; the typeface used in the brand name and the spaces between the logo and the name.

2. Quality of Craftsmanship

Original luxury watches are made with time, effort, and care, which can not be said of fake products. Analyse the quality of the part used in that particular product like the case, the dial, the hands and the strap. This is why genuine watches will have polished edges, no rough surface, and will have engravings that lack sharp edges or góc 확대 주석. On the other hand, fake watches will have sharp corners, unpolished finishes, and designs that may not be as neat as those in the authentic timepieces.

3. Movement Mechanism

Through the movement mechanism, the accuracy and overall performance of a watch is accorded. Authentic watches contain movements that are manufactured by high quality and are specifically known to be Swiss made. Fake watches, unlike authentic timepieces, are normally fitted with low-quality quartz movements and substandard mechanical movements that affect their ability to work efficiently and for how long.

4. Serial Numbers and Documentation

Each genuine luxury watch has its serial number engraved on its case back or hidden inside and it also has some documents including a warranty card, certificate of authenticity, and manual. Ensure the authenticity of these documents as there could be attempts from the fake Online sellers to produce fake documents in attempts to deceive consumers. It should however be noted that best practices in the identification of the legitimacy of the serial number is the comparison with records of the manufacturer’s database.

5. Price Discrepancies

The above adage conveys the idea that a bargain, an opportunity with a below-market price, is likely to be a scam. One should always be wary when coming across luxury rolex copy watch price in uae  at very cheap prices especially when they appear to be of good brands as they may well be fake. It is important to check the prices of the specific type and model of the continuing and determine the cost of the products offered by different reliable suppliers. This one should be remembered, good quality watches remain valuable and should not be bought for very cheap prices.

6. Authorized Dealers and Authorized Service Centers

In order to get genuine and genuine products always buy the product either from the authorized dealer, and for service and repairs always visit the authorized centres. In this force, it is clear the authorized dealers maintain high standards on the quality and the authenticity of the products they supplied as well as customer service support thereafter. Refrain from placing orders from these unauthorized centres or buying from dubious online stores as the probability of being offered fake items is high.

7. Attention to Detail

In this regard, assess the watch closely and search for any signs of difference or flaws that may signify a fake item. In this case some aspects that need to be checked include the position of the hands and indices and the quality of the elements on the sub-dials, the readability of the dial printing and the quality and intensity of the luminescent plots. There are differences in the quality standards that are followed by authentic luxury watches and the fake ones: Certain times even a naked attempt to try and imitate the original can give away the fake easily through Quality control measures that are adhered to strictly in the production of luxury watches.


This paper aims at identifying the best practices that will help in fighting the circulation of counterfeit watches in the UAE through the following factors. It is therefore crucial that performance and uniqueness of the model is checked, so that the customer who is going to part with his hard earned money for an authentic luxury watch does not end up being hoodwinked into buying a fake. Of course, when it comes to luxury timepieces, one needs to speak with the flight of authenticity and it is perceived not only as the badge of sophistication but also as the sign of truly skilled work, inspirational tradition and easily recognizable added value.


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