Tips to Clean Your White Couch


A white couch shows an aesthetic and grand vibe to your house and makes it look brilliant and delicate. But without routine cleaning and care, this white couch can get messy and may lose color over time because dirt particles, food crumbs, pet hair, dust mites, and insect waste collect in your couch material, attracting harmful pathogens and germs. In fact, according to Best Bond Cleaning Toowoomba experts, your couch contains 12 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. Thus, it is essential to vacuum your couch daily and clean stains immediately to keep your couch white and neat and control bacterial infections. If your white couch is badly tarnished and you think it is not your cup of tea to clean it alone. You can get help from professional cleaners.

What are the tips for cleaning your white couch?

We have collected some hacks from the Bond Cleaning Services Brisbane team. Here are the tips to clean your white couch:

Instructions: Go through the instructions given by the manufacturer to clean the white couch. Every stuff needs different types of care. Even you might have noticed whenever we buy a new piece of cloth, a slip of cleaning instructions is attached to it. Likewise, cleaning instructions for the white couch will also be attached to it. So, check and process your cleaning accordingly.

Vacuuming: If we are using our couch daily, it will come into contact with dust and dirt daily. We must clean it regularly. Vacuuming with a soft brush is a smart move. It is a part of your dusting. It will remove dust and dirt and will help you clean it efficiently.

Clear Spot: Do not let any spot sit for so long on your white couch. If you leave it unintended, the couch will soak the spot, and it will become difficult to remove the spot once it sticks to the couch. Take a paper towel or tissue and soak the stain without rubbing it.

Gentle Cleaner: As I have told you in the above section every stuff needs different care. We can not use the detergent, which we are using for cleaning clothes to clean the couch. Take an apt couch cleaner and use it to remove the stain permanently. But before using it, give it a try on a little area to check if it suits the surface or not.

Dilution: Try to avoid direct usage of chemicals on the couch as it may damage the surface of your white couch. Dilute it with water or a soapy solution. Also, check the instructions given by the manufacturer to avoid any damage.

Application: Technique for the application of the cleaner is a must. You must not spray or apply the cleaner directly. Instead, use a cloth piece and put the cleaner on the cloth. Dab it gently on the spotty area and wipe it off after keeping it for 15-20 minutes.

Rinse: After cleaning, rinse it with a clean cloth. Avoid using a direct water supply as it may damage your couch surface. Use a wet and clean cloth and remove the solution from the couch.

Air dry: Let the couch air dry. Do not use the couch until it dries. It may smell like hell due to water storage.

Covers: To protect your white couch from stains and spills, use covers to save the eliteness of your white couch.

Professional Cleaning: If your white couch needs deeper cleaning or has stubborn stains that won’t come out with home cures, hire a skilled upholstery cleaning service. They have the proficiency and tools to safely and effectively clean your couch without causing harm.


White stuffs get dirty more easily. If you have a white couch, I can understand your pain in cleaning it. Hence, we have mentioned some ideas to avoid the mess on your white couch, or if it still exists then some remedies to clean it thoroughly. If you think you can not clean it alone, you must hire a professional bond cleaner to get the white couch to shine like a new one. I hope this blog has helped you a lot to maintain the eliteness of your white couch.


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