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Over the past year, Instagram has exploded in the number of social media platforms on which businesses need to promote their marketing efforts. The visual content-focused platform is known for its high engagement, and social videos are just as important here as on other platforms. The challenge brands are currently focusing on is increasing video views on Instagram.

Luckily, there are proven ways to increase video views on Instagram that are backed by data and case studies.

Select the appropriate hashtags:

Instagram, like Twitter, relies heavily on the use of hashtags, and the hashtags you include in your Instagram videos can have a direct impact on your views. A simple and clever hashtag can be enough to encourage people to watch your video. More importantly, the right hashtag will help you expand your reach and potentially connect with new members of your audience through search.

Brands can also use hashtags to create videos around trending topics. These topics are in high demand and can gain a lot of attention very quickly. I wouldn’t recommend creating videos exclusively on trending topics, but using this strategy occasionally can help you grow your Instagram followers and video views quickly.

Optimize your description:

Instagram is and (I suspect) always will be a highly visual platform. When we browse channels, it’s all about images and videos. However, a common mistake I see brands make is not using descriptions to attract users. This is especially important for video views; The description can convince users to look instead of scrolling.

Rush Hour release schedule:

While Instagram’s algorithm has some influence on when people see our posts, scheduling your videos during peak hours can still make a big difference. Since most engagement with Instagram content occurs shortly after it’s published, knowing when your audience is most active can significantly increase your video views. Once you get a solid first round of engagement, Instagram will increase your video’s reach and continue to increase views.

Here’s the thing: you need to know what peak publishing times apply to your specific audience. It can vary greatly from brand to brand. For example, according to a study, Monday is the best time to post on Instagram. Another said Monday was the worst day of the week (even if only slightly). However, there is consistency across all studies.

Although specific times vary, as a general rule of thumb, the best results are achieved when posting in the afternoon and evening. Learn more about finding the best time to post your brand here. Agora-pulse’s Instagram reports help you quickly assess which posts are getting the most engagement. If you post similar content every day, you can easily determine which days get the best results.

Run video ads on Instagram:

Instagram ads are not organic posts and cost money. But they’re also a surefire way to quickly get more views on your Instagram videos. If you want to attract as many viewers as possible with a video, the best solution is to start a “Video Views” campaign. Thanks to Facebook’s incredible ad targeting system, Instagram ads can even help ensure those views come from the right users.

Instagram ads have proven to be extremely effective since their launch. Technology company LG proved this when its video advertising campaign on Instagram reached 16 million relevant users and over 1.7 million interactions. Although these are significantly large numbers (and likely very costly to achieve), small and medium-sized businesses can replicate these results at scale for their brands.

Interactions with the public:

While you can easily buy views and followers on Instagram, doing so will never increase your engagement rate, at least not enough to achieve your Instagram goals.

Buying fake followers can give the impression that your brand is growing, but these “empty” profiles will not improve your visibility. Instead, you need to interact with your active followers and build an Instagram community around your brand. Ask your subscribers various questions and respond to their comments. This shows other users that you care about their opinions, and an added benefit is that it makes you more approachable.

Also, create authentic content on Instagram. Do your best to stay authentic – this will help you get more views on Instagram. Authentic-looking content triggers the Instagram algorithm and increases engagement. This may seem pretty obvious, but many business accounts don’t interact or respond to direct messages, and their account suffers as a result.

Use popular hashtags and sounds:

Adding Instagram hashtags to your posts and videos is one of the oldest-known tricks when it comes to increasing views on your Instagram business account. You should also consider adding a hashtag sticker to your Instagram story. Adding a location tag to your posts allows you to reach a niche audience and increase your visibility in a specific area. Additionally, using popular sounds and participating in trending Reels will help you reach new audiences and increase your overall engagement rate.

Using popular sounds increases engagement and, combined with the right hashtags, allows your account to grow. Instagram users also follow certain hashtags.

Final Thoughts:

Especially now that they are visible to everyone, we want to increase the number of views on the videos to leverage social proof. Combining the strategies discussed above with high-quality, high-quality content will increase your Instagram video views both immediately and in the long term.


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