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Start Your Civil Service Journey | Tathastu ICS Starting the path to civil service can be an daunting undertaking, requiring dedication, perseverance and top-quality guidance. Through comprehensive courses and its partnership with Josh Talks, Tathastu ICS serves as a reliable partner, helping aspirants navigate their preparation journey smoothly.

Study Material

Preparing for competitive exams like civil services requires considerable time, energy, and commitment from aspirants. When not seeing results quickly enough, many may become discouraged and give up altogether – yet Tathastu ICS believes in making your journey less taxing by providing tools and guidance that will help ensure success!

Their study materials and test series cover all areas of the UPSC syllabus, providing you with all of the knowledge needed to excel at scoring well on the exam. Furthermore, their mentorship program pairs you with an experienced mentor who will guide your preparations and assist in overcoming any hurdles along the way.

An outstanding feature of their programs is the simulation exams that closely reflect the UPSC pattern. These simulated exams provide crucial preparation for taking an examination that closely mirrors its pattern, and their design by former bureaucrats makes them even more useful. Furthermore, their BA+UPSC coaching course has been accredited by Mangalayatan University which adds academic credibility. Furthermore, mentors such as former bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain provide credibility and practical insight that enhance this training course.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are essential when it comes to preparing for the civil services exam, providing aspirants with familiarization of exam patterns, difficulty levels, time limits for each question, concentration levels and confidence building exercises. They can also assist aspirants in creating an efficient study schedule with plenty of time dedicated to mastering their syllabus.

Tathastu ICS can assist in your efforts to pass the civil services exam with their Pre-Sure program – an all-inclusive preparation package featuring full UPSC syllabus coverage, expert mentorship support, and mock exams that closely replicate real exams.

This course is tailored to provide aspirants with every chance they need to pass both prelims and mains exams, including a detailed timetable, comprehensive study materials, mock tests that simulate exam conditions under expert guidance, unlimited online study materials for up to six months and access to an experienced mentor who helps and inspires along their journey.


Tathastu ICS can serve as your partner on your path to UPSC prelims success, offering detailed timetables and lecture-based study material, short notes, practice tests, mentoring support and personal attention from former students on this preparation journey. According to former students, Tathastu pairs each student with an experienced mentor who provides guidance and motivation during preparation.

Due to the complexity of taking an MPPSC Prelims examination, this assistance is particularly important. Their mentors – including ex-bureaucrat Dr. Tanu Jain – offer practical guidance for aspirants taking exams that closely mimic UPSC patterns.

Tathastu ICS brings a fresh approach to civil services coaching in India with their team of expert tutors and program. Their goal is to harmonise academic coursework and competitive exam prep so aspirants feel secure in their abilities to take on any challenge that comes their way – starting their journey today through enrolling online or visiting their Karol Bagh (Old Rajendernagar) center in Delhi!


Entering civil services requires commitment, perseverance, and access to quality guidance. Tathastu ICS serves as an essential guide, offering comprehensive courses and expert guidance that support aspirants on their path toward success. Their collaboration with Josh Talks enhances preparation by offering motivational discourse and empowerment initiatives for aspirants. By understanding Tathastu ICS fees structure and taking advantage of insights provided by Josh Talks aspirants can embark upon their civil services careers with confidence and determination.

Tathastu ICS ensures aspirants have every advantage for successfully navigating the difficult UPSC syllabus by offering comprehensive study material. In addition to lecture notes and study guides, regular doubt-clearing sessions help aspirants overcome challenging subjects. Finally, their robust support system allows aspirants to assess individual progress while pinpointing areas of weakness.

Tathastu ICS boasts a team of expert faculty with vast knowledge in all of the subjects necessary for UPSC examination. Tejal Khandelwal excels at Polity while Dr. Tanu Jain excels at GS-4 and Philosophy Optional education – giving aspirants access to top quality instruction from their faculty members. With such comprehensive instruction at Tathastu ICS’s disposal, many students have been successful in passing the UPSC CSE Exam successfully!


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