Sustainability in The Hospitality Sector


Being manpower heavy, the Hospitality sector must carry the burden of being sustainable more than any other sector. Restaurants, Hotels, resorts must operate in such a way so that least resources used give optimal results. Being environment friendly is not just a necessity but a call of the hour as the world faces the wrath of environment change already. Sustainable practices are taught from the very beginning at UEI Global Education, one of the best Hotel Management colleges in Agra

Let’s see it at a wider Angle

Environmental practices

Conserving Energy if we talk about the energy consumption, hotels come on top, whether it is lighting, heating or cooling.  It is time that hotels must wholeheartedly adopt renewable energy measures like solar panels & wind turbines. These are the best sources of renewable energy. This initiative will play a massive role in conserving energy. 

Disposal of Wastage– In a nation that is plagued with poverty and hunger, it is ironic that we waste so much food, Hotels, restaurants are the biggest contributor to this wastage along with an insensitive privileged lot. Hotels have woken to this reality and have implemented several control measures. Right from procurement , processing, service and sensitizing guests. Portion control, limited menus and advising guests to order less and then reorder if required is being put into practice.   Students are taught innovative recipes that are nutritious and healthy at UEI Global Education ,one of the best Institutes in Agra.

Saving water– when we hear the word ‘water’, one prominent thought comes in our mind: Save water, Save life. Hotels now use new technology to power bathroom appliances like low flow shower heads, wash basin tape UTC. Guests are also encouraged to not waste water and contribute to conserving and saving water.

Social Responsibility

All businesses have a social responsibility to fulfill for their very existence. Since Businesses thrive on the resources of the society to make profits, its obligation to ensure a sustainable usage of resources in large. 

StaffCertainly, the staff is the backbone of any hospitality establishment. Most service oriented organizations are manpower heavy as humans are critical to ensuring quality and standard of service. Hotels too are dependent on humans largely to ensure a wow experience for guests. It is critical to train and sensitize staff to optimize the available resources for sustainability. UEI Global Education has a prominent presence in Agra and students are trained to be careful with resources available.

Encouraging guests– Guests are informed about the major environmental problems and how our one little step can make considerable change through little details like Shampoo dispensers instead of small bottles, glass water bottles instead of plastic, table top planters instead of flowers from the horticulture department. 

Economic Responsibility

Cost saving– by reducing energy and water consumption hotels save money. In the long run, this makes them more competitive in the market. UEI Global Education, Agra teaches these everyday practices at college itself.

Attracting guests– People these days seek Eco-friendly hotels.  Hotels promoting themselves as eco-friendly or following sustainable practices can attract more guests. Hotels play a major role in world economy and environmental responsibility.

Sustainable practices and sustainable development is important to secure a future for the younger generations. We are but a custodian of this planet and we have borrowed it from the future generations for our own existence. We can ensure a balanced and prosperous future for all by embracing sustainable practices and the steps begin from our homes, our colleges and our place of work. 


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