Why Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Need MPS?


In the pharmaceutical industry, printing needs are sensitive. Whether you talk about prescription documents, package inserts, or labels, everything needs to be precisely legible and accurate. A slight mistake can prove to be detrimental.

Experts say managed print service can help the industry achieve accuracy, high-quality prints, and seamless workflow. It not only reduces print cost but also ensures smooth printing operations and enhanced productivity. That is why the trend of MPS implementation is increasing in pharma business.

Do you own such an organization and want to improve your printing efficiency? Keep reading the article. It will shed light on why pharmaceutical needs MPS?

Top 6 Reasons Managed Printing Is Vital for Pharma Success 

The printing department of a pharmaceutical business plays a key role in determining its success. You can improve this sector by opting for managed print services. It will improve customer experience, strengthen security, and reduce carbon footprint. Let’s discuss the top six reasons managed printing is vital for pharma success:

1. Streamlined Printing Operations

One of the most important reasons why the pharmaceutical industry needs MPS is that it streamlines printing operations. These services benefit the pharma businesses by leveraging the expertise of professionals.

Some pharmaceutical industries rely on in-house printing. This approach makes them dependent on the skills of inexperienced internal staff. It is the biggest hurdle in optimizing the workflow. Equipment downtime, poor maintenance, and frequent downtimes further make this strategy ineffective.

On the hand, managed printing is more reliable in terms of workflow optimization, troubleshooting, and equipment functionality. The only condition is to opt for a reputed provider. Businesses choose Xerox UAE based managed print services to reap all the above advantages.

2. Enhanced Productivity

When it comes to pharmaceutical companies, managed printing is the most suitable approach to enhance printing productivity. It helps leverage advanced technology and efficient resource management. Both these factors are essential for operational effectiveness.

In internal printing department, your IT staff has to watch out for several managerial and operational tasks. They need to be more attentive for unhindered supply, equipment maintenance, more. This negatively impacts their other critical tasks, decreasing productivity.

When you hire an external team to take care of your printing needs, your IT individuals will be focused on more important responsibilities. This strategy will also promote decision-making and agility in your office. As a result, outsourcing printing needs will ensure more productivity.

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3. Reduced Cost

Reduced cost is one of the most significant benefits of managed print services. It saves you from a substantial capital expenditure in terms of hefty upfront costs. That is why cost-effectiveness is one of the top six reasons managed printing is vital for pharma success.

Have you ever thought about how much an internal print department can cost you? Let’s look at the following expenses to make an authentic estimate:

  • Upfront investment to purchase machinery
  • Hiring, training, and paying in-house experts
  • Spending money to leverage the latest technology

The cumulative effect of all of the above expenses is wasteful resource allocation. You can effectively reduce all of the above costs by implementing MPS.

4. Decreased Carbon Footprint

Decreasing carbon output of different sectors is a pressing need. Managed print services can help pharma businesses achieve the milestone. That is why the pharmaceutical industry needs MPS.

When it comes to carbon footprint, fortunately, pharmaceutical companies produce less waste than other industries. Still, in-house printing can play a significant role in increasing the environmental toxicity produced by these organizations. Outsourcing print management can offer the following benefits in this regard:

  • Reduced paper consumption
  • Implementation of eco-friendly practices
  • Recycling ink cartridges and papers
  • Optimization of energy consumption

You can capitalize on the above advantages of managed printing, contributing to the cause of the Green Revolution.

5. Increased Customer Experience

Customer serves as the backbone of any business. This statement also applies to the pharmaceutical industry. If you are eager to enhance customer experience, managed print services can be helpful.

In-house printing practices in such organizations have failed to satisfy clients. Different issues, such as quality control, security concerns, inefficient processing, and other limitations make this strategy unsuitable for customer journey.

Leveraging the power of managed print services can assist in addressing all the above issues. However, contacting inexperienced vendors can yield undesired outcomes. You can opt for Xerox Dubai based managed print services to augment customer satisfaction more reliably.

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6. Robust Security

Last but not least, in today’s age of increasing cybersecurity threats, robust printing security is essential in pharmaceutical companies. This way, these organizations can safeguard themselves against different threat incidents.

Security measures in internal printing departments are often inadequate. Unauthorized access and incompetency of the staff can lead to data breaches, counterfeiting, and other security risks in the pharma business. Moreover, supply chain vulnerabilities and insider threats are also common.

Managed printing plays a vital role in offering robust security in this regard. Your service provider will leverage numerous approaches, such as access control, encryption, and continuous monitoring, to combat the abovementioned threats.


Incorporating managed printing is the best option to streamline and protect different printing jobs in pharmaceutical companies. This strategy is also cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and productive. Contacting a reliable service provider will help you enjoy all these benefits.


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