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Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, immortalized in the storytelling of many people, is the one-stop that every avid safari lover indicates to go. I guarantee you that its seemingly endless plains with environments alive with wildlife will spark the immediate interest of travelers everywhere. However, the park’s popularity comes with a price: swarms of tourists always striving to take the place of the best wildlife sighting.

But don’t be worried! Despite the long journey! What trails to beat are present for those who want to discover the humble, concealed parts of the Great Serengeti that are often hidden from the path of the main road? This article will explain such trails on “a road less traveled” where you don’t risk rival tourists and you could get a more personal safari experience.

Discovering the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands with a texture of culture and nature


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  • Rather than traveling to the Serengeti Plain right away, try descending the steep path into the stunning Ngorongoro Crater Highlands. This road harbors hi-def scenery which outperforms its competitors. What would you feel if you walked on the basaltic layers of volcanic craters while the flanks were covered with green vegetation? The Ngorongoro Crater, which has been recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is a volcanic caldera that has fallen inward producing a landscape in which abundant wildlife thrives. A true showpiece lies ahead – a miniature portrayal of Africa personified by what is found below the rim.
  • This path, indeed, will grant you an opportunity to even witness a cultural meeting, whereby you might spot Masai count people walking in their ever-dynamic vibrant red shukas blowing in the wind. There are times when I get lost in the wonder of it all, seeing them as people tied to the earth through the ages, and to this land in particular, reminding me that we are one with nature.

Exploring the Western Corridor: An Era of the Surprisingly Real

  • If you desire an essentially unique safari off the well-worn path, then entering the Serengeti through the western corridor is exactly where you should begin. Here, you’ll notice a striking difference in the number of motorists since this route hardly gets as much traffic as the one in the east. This will allow you to bask in the tranquility of nature at its best. Here the natural landscape dramatically changes from wild plains to rocky crags and woodlands, and the safari experience becomes as unique as the area.
  • Hidden in the unlikeliness of the western corridor; we have the ultimate gem, Mahale Mountains National Park. This park provides a home for a small number of chimpanzees, who are our face twins in the kingdom of the animal kingdom. Imagine the thrill of walking along the green forests, there is a chance to observe these clever animals goes to you.

A Different Safari Experience: Opening The Merits

Choosing the less-traveled routes to the Serengeti unlocks a plethora of benefits: Choosing the less-traveled routes to the Serengeti unlocks a plethora of benefits:

  • Reduced Crowds: Being around fewer vehicles is the reason for having a minimum-term relationship with nature. Take a glimpse of a pack of lions in the sun lounging and you realize that the tourists on the streets are nowhere near.
  • Unique Landscapes: The alternate routes which especially pass through the shaded areas of the Serengeti National Park testify to the fact that the changeable landscapes existed even before the simple plains of this park complex. Discover lakes of smoldering remnants, fee-laden woodlands, and the rather stunning scenery of the Mahale Mountains.
  • Encounters Beyond Wildlife: The area of the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands provides a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Maasai people in their natural habitat and witness their intimate bond with Mother Nature.

Embarking a Journey that will Never be Forgotten by You

  • Taking the path away from the well-established routes to the Serengeti needs more organizational efforts than on the main roads. These are usually more secluded places, therefore, it is very necessary to contact a reliable safari company before booking any tours. They can manage the transportation, and permissions and guarantee a safe and hassle-free journey for participants in a procession or parade.
  • The choice of these other routes is to see things not just Serengeti- but enter a completely new exploration sphere. Hence, if you have the courage of an adventurer a missionary, and some planning, chances are that you will soon be discovering more details that the world holds around legendary Serengeti.

The Road Less Traveled

Unveiling the Wildlife

Although it is well-known for the large predators that roam over it- lions, leopards, and cheetahs, taking the alternate routes may enable us to witness a broader range of wild animals.

  • Ngorongoro Crater: The crater walls are the only place where you will see a dense concentration of such big herbivores as elephants, zebras, wildebeest, and black rhinos. The water within the crater providing a permanent stream is a method behind bird appeal, with birdwatchers too drawn to such multitudes of bird varieties.
  • Western Corridor: This district is world famous for its chimpanzees in the national park Mahale Mountains. Lastly, mark primates from the black and white colobus monkeys and even the predators, the patta monkeys and Leopards.

Practical Considerations

Choosing the road less traveled comes with its own set of considerations: Choosing the road less traveled comes with its own set of considerations:

  • Seasonality: The Ngorongoro Crater Highlights area is cold at night, especially so, in the dry season (June to September). Pack accordingly. The western road has a rainy season with April next spring. Help Us! The muddy road is the time when it rains heavily (from November to May).
  • Accommodation: As fewer activities are conducted on the side routes, the lodges and hotel facilities in this park are likely to be less compared to the major Serengeti National Park. Lodge accommodation is usually pre-booked and suffers high occupation, especially in peak season.
  • Travel Time: The Serengeti can be reached through links other than the main entry gates and this might be tedious as it prolongs the period of reaching the popular destination. Take into account additional traveling time while perfecting that schedule.

Enhancing Your Experience

  • Guides: A good consultant with profound knowledge should be hired for the trial part. It is critically necessary, especially for the west side hiking. Not only their guidance will increase your appreciation for the wild, but you will also get a deep understanding of the local conditions and issues.
  • Activities: Organized game drives are not the only experiences tourists can be part of at some of the lodges. They can visit the Maasai boma in Ngorongoro Crater Highlands, or trek in the Mahale Mountains looking for chimpanzees.
  • Responsible Tourism: Selecting responsible tour operators who decide only to protect nature and lessen the environmental impact is of no less importance.

A Glimpse into the Past: Being a Witness of Archaeological Mysteries

The journey from the Serengeti through the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands is a re-creation way of life a hundred years ago. This area is stacked heavily with an archaeological record that delves into deep human species life that is as far as 1 million years back. For the UN expected world heritage site, the Olduvai Gorge located in the crater rim, is an outstanding archaeological site, where were found the earliest human fossils. Picture yourself here at the end of the gorge, flashing back to the footprints made by our far ancestors who once traveled through these very lands as well.

Cultural Encounters: The Triggered Maasai Way of Life

The Ngorongoro Conservation area routes you through the Maasai highlands and brings about an interesting culture of the Maasai residents. According to the long history of this country, these people have been living a semi-nomadic pastoralist life, while peacefully co-existing with flora and fauna around here. However, to get close to their customs and traditions, nothing compares with visiting a real place. At the Maasai boma, an ethnic group lives, one can be sure to change a perspective in life. Experiencing the complex workmanship of their intricate beadwork, vibrant dances, and deep reverence for nature is unlike any other cultural experience the region has to offer. The understanding and appreciation of the area are greatly enhanced.

Unveiling the Night Sky: Art of Zodiac Stars

The evening comes, the mortal bolero on the lane less transited and a new scene evolves- the huge African night sky. A thousand stars light up the night sky when you leave the city and place away from the urban light pollution. Envision yourself snugly sitting in a sturdy camp chair and staring in astonishment at the Milky Way scattering across the sky, looking like a shawl that covers the numberless stars. The natural silence of nature, on the one hand, with the vastness of outer space, on the other, takes you out of this world for a while and allows you to experience an amazing sense of calmness and sacredness.


  • The Serengeti National Park is like a magnet that attracts, therefore if you set your legs apart and walk out of their famous routes, you’ll open up a whole new dimension of what it’s like to be there. As the journey takes one to the Serengeti, the path of the lesser-treaded leads to a beautiful tapestry that combines various landscapes with its unique wildlife encounters all through rich cultural experiences. From the mercilessly extended Ngorongoro Crater to the fresh verdure of the Mahale Mountains, there exists a way to each different niche and habitat visited.
  • It’s not only a choice to avoid the rush but most especially, it is about enjoying remarkable experiences and great discoveries. Picture meeting a troop of chimpanzees crossing the trees, bring to mind the Maasai community gathering their animals to the pasture, or you can be delighted by the view of the Milky Way. These are the periods that tap such feelings that in future when you look back I can bet you, your safari adventure was the best.
  • Therefore, if you want to sample something more than normal, then you can choose to embrace the risk and explore the unexplored parts of the Serengeti. With careful planning and an inclination for exploration, this park will open a new world to you, making sure of memories that will be in the next flashbacks.


How can we circumvent obstacles to reach our goals?

  • Ngorongoro Crater Highlands & West Corridor are two ecological regions.

Which wildlife species occur in this area that is unusual?

  • Chimpanzees, black rhinos, and herbivores are unique to the crater. Thus, the core group has a very low level of ability to be self-sustained due to the limited range of species available to meet different needs.

What are the considerations?

  • Seasonality, accommodations, time spent on the road.

How do I go about maximizing my fun?

  • Guides, excursions to Masai’s village areas as well as ethical tourism.

Are there any other secrets inside this landmass?

  • Risers that, land that’s full of archaeological marvels, & the nocturnal aurora.
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