India’s opposition party, fully under pressure, was on the way to passing the expectation and was near to doubling the share of its parliamentary seats in 2019. 

In India, 2019’s election, Narendra Modi won 303 seats out of 543 parliamentary seats which was six times as many as the opposition party of the Indian Congress. It was a penetrating blow to elections for the Congress, which was a dominant party but now, it has been diminished in recent years, and exit polls had not suggested its results might be better. 

But the results of the early elections on Tuesday have been suggested to be stronger than the expectations for the Congress. The party and its co-workers were leading in nearly 230 races, a sharp turnaround that indicated the joy at the Headquarters of the Indian Congress in New Delhi. Whenever television news channels announce the lead of a new candidate, supporters echo with a sound of heavy joy. A political worker of Mr. Modi’s Bhartiya Janata Party, named Robin Michael said “Whatever the results, one thing is clear it is a moral victory for Congress and our leader Rahul Gandhi, and defeat for the B.J.P.”

There were no signs that Congress and the Opposition union which it leads would push together to majority of getting unseat to Mr. Modi. And the party workers said that they had already diminished the ambiance of Mr. Modi’s invulnerability. The Congress party’s leading person and the great Grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, Mr. Gandhi was praised by them.

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Last year, as Mr. Gandhi tried to burn his standings by leading long Marches across India, B.J.P. captured him in a court case which led him to be expelled from Parliament. Later, he was returned to his seat by the Highest Court. Previously on Tuesday, in the southern state of Kerala, Mr. Ghandi was on his way to winning the Parliamentary seats. The Congress, which is in the middle of India’s Political Center, has struggled for a long time to provide a new ideological alternative and a new way to Hindu nationalists of B.J.P. During these struggles, it has faced many revolutions, infightings, and recurring positions of self-searching over whether to follow behind a new face- only to stand with its family leadership. This year, even with expectations, Mr. Gandhi had set a target of doubling the 52 Parliamentary seats in 2019. As his set target, he won nearly 100 seats according to Tuesday’s result. 

A Congress party worker at the headquarters, Sandeep Mishra said “We will stop Modi from making a mockery of this country and turning people against each other.” And in his last, he added “Indians are fed up with Modi.”


The reasons for Mr. Modi’s defeat may be due to the significant drop in seats of B.J.P. which led to Joblessness, increasing rates of utility products, inequality during army recruitment, and dispute among other things. Mr. Modi’s harsh and discordant campaign especially targeting Muslims, may also have turned away some voters to the different regions. Whatever, he won a third consecutive term, but he had also lost his majority of Parliamentary seats. Due to these reasons, most of the public said, “No to Modi.”

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