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Panda Express Menu

Find out the tasty land of Panda Express and every dish has a story to narrate about taste and culture. Want to take a gastronomic trip through the menu of Panda Express? Let’s dive right in and find out what surprises are yours!

A Fusion of Flavors

It is a hybrid menu of Chinese cuisine and American culinary influences among others. Regardless of whether it is the sour Orange Chicken or sweet and savory Beijing Beef, every dish has been prepared with passion just to satisfy your taste buds.

Appetizing Appetizers

Include in your menu appetizers that will be sure to make you hungry. Munch on the crispiness of Spring Rolls or tease your taste buds with Cream Cheese Rangoons.

Mouthwatering Entrées

The heart of the Panda Express menu is in its mouth-watering entrees that will satisfy any craving. If you prefer sweet and spicy or if salt is your best, there are entrees for everyone.

Wholesome Sides

Panda Express Menu

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Serve your main dish with different healthy side dishes which help improve the flavor and depth of taste in a meal. From basic Fried Rice to multi-colored Mixed Vegetables, these sides can be chosen as an accompaniment for any main dish.

Sweet Endings

Every meal is complete with a sweet finish and Panda Express offers an unresistible variety of desserts to appease your sugar fix. Savor the Chocolate Chunk Cookie or have some Fortune Cookies.

Catering Options

Organizing a party or an event? With regards to catering, Panda Express is perfect for feeding a crowd. Whether you require party trays or individual meals, allow Panda Express to handle the food so that you can concentrate on celebrating.

Nutritional Information

Curious as to the calorie count of your favorite Panda Express dishes? Go to the nutritional information available online or in stores and make your decisions depending on how you have been eating.

Online Ordering

Convenience is a factor and with the Panda Express online ordering feature, it has never been easier to eat your favorite dishes. All you need to do is browse through our menu, order, and collect your food from any of the site locations – it’s simple.

Panda Express Rewards

Be a member of the Panda Express Rewards program and receive special privileges as well as rewards with every purchase. To the loyal customers of Panda Express, there are a variety of offers from discounts to free entrees.

Sustainability Efforts

The company Panda Express is committed to sustainability and aims at minimizing the impact on nature. Learn about their efforts to reduce waste, conserve resources, and support the local communities.

Seasonal Specials

During the whole calendar, Panda Express introduces seasonal specials that are aimed at emphasizing each season’s best flavors. These seasonal specials are from summer salads that refresh the menu to winter stews and add some spice of novelty.

Health-Conscious Options

Panda Express provides a wide range of healthy choices suitable for calorie counters and dietitians. Select meals with the ‘Wok Smart’ symbol, which indicates a lower calorie and sodium alternative without compromising on taste.

Family Meals

Looking for a one-stop solution even the family dinner? Panda Express Menu has family meals that are made up of different entrees, sides, and appetizers which can feed the entire household without cooking tension.

Secret Items from Panda Express Menu

Did you know that Panda Express Menu has a secret menu? Ask your server about hidden treasures like Pandas Express Burrito or Orange Chicken Burrito Bowl, to have a unique meal.

Community Involvement

Besides offering mouthwatering dishes, Panda Express Menu is also involved in community service. Therefore, Panda Express Menu aims to collaborate with local charities and organizations so as to make the communities that it serves better.


The menu of Panda Express Menu is a secret treasure in the world of food yet to be discovered. The dining experience provided by Panda Express Menu is not only delicious but also fulfilling due to the wide range of dishes, ease of ordering, and eco-friendly approach.


What are the best dishes at Panda Express?

  • The most popular ones are Orange Chicken, Beijing Beef, and Kung Pao Chicken.

Is Panda Express vegetarian?

  • Indeed, Panda Express offers vegetarian dishes such as Vegetable Spring Rolls and Eggplant Tofu.

Is Panda Express customizable?

  • Absolutely! You can customize your order according to personal needs and dietary restrictions at Panda Express.

Which Panda Express is the nearest?

  • Locating a Panda Express store is quite easy as they have their website and mobile application where one can use the locator to find out about nearby stores.

Does Panda Express deliver?

  • Yes, Panda Express delivers from some third-party partners. Go to their website or app and check if they operate in your region.
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