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Are you up for an intergalactic adventure? Let’s go on a thrilling trip through the Snapchat Solar System where technology and space collide to create an exciting new world.

What is the Snapchat Solar System?

Imagine a virtual world just at your fingertips. The Snapchat Solar System is a unique feature of the application that gives users an opportunity to explore the wonders of our solar system through AR filters and interactive activities. Users can travel through space from the surface of the sun to Pluto, which is as cold as ice.

How Does it Work?

Using the latest AR technology, Snapchat overlays digital images and animations on reality to offer users an interactive experience. Simply open the Snapchat app, select the Solar System lens, and point your camera at the sky. Within a second, you will be surrounded by planets moons, and other celestial bodies all of which are rendered with remarkable clarity.

Exploring the Planets

Mercury: The Swift Messenger

Discover the planet nearest to the Sun, Mercury, named after the Roman god of messenger. Despite its proximity to the Sun, Mercury is a world of extremes with daytime temperatures reaching hundreds of degrees Celsius and dropping at night back down to freezing points.

Venus: The Shrouded Beauty

Unveil the mysteries of Venus, Earth’s sister planet in size and composition. However, do not be deceived by its placid appearance; Venus is a planet of hell with an atmosphere composed of deadly gases and temperatures that would melt lead.

Snapchat Solar System

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Earth: Our Pale Blue Dot

Celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet, Earth—the only known haven for life amidst the vastness of space. Earth is a priceless haven in the universe and houses myriads of ecosystems and cultures.

Mars: The Red Planet

Visit Mars, the “Red Planet,” and navigate its harsh landscape as you marvel at enormous volcanoes. The thin atmosphere of Mars and its frozen polar caps are a potential place for future human exploration and colonization that has both scientists as well dreamers.

Jupiter: The King of the Gas Planets

And here we are introducing the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter – a giant of swirling clouds and raging storms. Jupiter is a wonderland with its Great Red Spot and dozens of moons including the volcanic Io, and icy Europa.

Saturn: The Ringed Jewel

Marvel at the splendor of Saturn, with its magnificent rings of ice and dust. Beneath its shining surface hides a turbulent atmosphere and an odd family of moons, including the mysterious Titan that has rivers made out of methane.

Uranus: The Ice Giant

Plunge into the icy reaches of Uranus, a planet that lies on its side and is surrounded by an incomplete ring system. Though Uranus looks calm, it has very harsh seasons because of its axial tilt and this is one way in which we can understand the dynamics that govern our solar system.

Neptune: The Blue Giant

Take a trip to the distant world of Neptune, which is our solar system’s last planet and shrouded in dark blue. Neptune is still a world of discovery, its fierce winds and icy moons beckoning humanity to find the answers.

The Sun: Our Sun

Bask in the splendor of our Sun, which is at the center of our solar system and provides life to us here on Earth. The Sun is a burning furnace with temperatures that are so hot and magnetic fields that fuse hydrogen into helium as it radiates in the form of light and heat. The Sun’s dynamic surface reveals the power of nature that dominates our universe with its striking solar flares and mesmerizing sunspots.

The Moon: Earth’s Loyal Friend

Find the hidden magic of the Moon, Earth’s constant companion in darkness. The Moon has been the object of myths and legends since ancient times, but it also serves as a target for space exploration. The Moon, with a rocky surface and cratered plains, is an emblem of the violent history that our solar system has had; it silently testifies to cosmic collisions and celestial catastrophes.

Asteroids and Comets: People from the Cosmic Abyss

Look into the abyss of space and find out about the strange worlds of asteroids and comets, archaic remains from forming solar systems. Ranging from the frigid domains of the Kuiper Belt to rocky orbits in the asteroid belt, these wandering celestial bodies provide crucial information about the creation of our solar system and the threat they pose to Earth. Scientists continue to research and explore in order to discover more about the mysterious cosmic travelers.

The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Contemplate the possibility of life beyond Earth as we ponder the question: Are we the only ones in this universe? From the icy oceans of Europa to the methane lakes of Titan, many places in our solar system are home to habitats that could support microbial life. By sending missions to Mars and beyond, scientists endeavor to solve the riddles of astrobiology and reveal that extraterrestrial organisms exist thereby increasing our knowledge on what life can be like in space.

Space Exploration in the Future

Look into the future of space travel as mankind directs its gaze to the stars. From the dreams of ambitious missions to Mars, and even further out into space with interstellar travel possibilities. Technology and global cooperation have brought us to the edge of a new age in which space and time will be conquered, where its limits are meant to be transcended.


The Snapchat Solar System provides the doorway to space, enabling us to enjoy and learn about outer space in a fun way. No matter how much you are a professional astronomer or just interested in the universe this unique feature makes us go on an expedition of discovery and wonder.


How accurate is Snapchat Solar System?

  • The Snapchat Solar System is a representation of our solar system for teaching and amusement purposes. While it offers an entertaining method of viewing space, the representation is not always true of where celestial objects are located or what their characteristics might be.

Is it possible to get live updates of planetary positions?

  • Although the Snapchat Solar System does not offer real-time astronomical data, it offers a static image of the solar system based on scientific knowledge. If you are interested in current information on celestial events, check out astronomy apps or websites.

Is the Snapchat Solar System accessible on all devices?

  • Your device’s compatibility and software version may affect the availability of Snapchat Solar System. Make sure that you have the latest Snapchat app version so as to use this feature.

Is it possible to personalize my journey in the Snapchat Solar System?

  • Although the Snapchat Solar System provides ready-made experiences for each planet, users can personalize their journey by taking pictures and videos with AR filters and sharing their intergalactic adventures among friends.

How can I study astronomy and space travel?

  • Besides the Snapchat Solar System, also think about visiting planetariums, observatories, and science museums or joining online astronomy communities. Other great sources of knowledge about the universe are books, documentaries, and educational websites.
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